Stable investment opportunities.

Steady streams of income and sustainable wealth for investors.

Who we are

Quest Capital Inc. is a Private Equity Fund with a robust portfolio of high-yield multi-residential real estate properties, with assets currently totaling more than $100 million.

The Founders

Nach Daniel


Harold Daley

Chief Executive Officer

Thierry Comtois

Vice President – Acquisition & Development

Our Process


We acquire under valued land in premium location and build new properties with high quality standards.


We Co-Invest with stable community leaders who are in for the long term. This way, we move faster and do bigger projects.


We collect rents, reduce tenants turnover and optimize building efficiency.


We continuously monetize assets at favorable ROI’s with proven track records of generating superior returns for investors.

Investment Opportunities

Aura Buildings 1 & 2

Dieppe, NB

Promenade Neuf

Dieppe, NB


Dieppe, NB


Dieppe, NB

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